Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Vacation

I know, Cinco de Mayo was a week ago, but still. I planned on writing this that night, but it just didn't happen!

No such thing as too many ponies!

Toshi has been watching Phineas and Ferb and singing the theme song around here. So, on the morning of Cinco de Mayo, he asked "Can we go on vacation?" I told him we can't because we still have to go to school. He replies with "Can we go on vacation today?" I quickly thought about it and I told him, yes! What a brilliant idea! 

We ended up cleaning around the house though. Huh. How is that vacation?! Well, the mess in our home is over flowing that I just couldn't leave it like that. So, when Tomas came home... we set out for an adventure!

So much cool stuff! Tomas is telling Toshi about those turtle things.

We ended up at Placita Olvera.! There were hundreds of people there, perhaps because of Cinco de Mayo! We wandered from store to store, checking out all the little things they were selling. Toshi was pretty good about asking us to buy things for him! And it was so difficult to tell him no, because really, we wanted those things too! We bought him one or two things but the rest, we told him he needs to save up some money and then we'll come back and buy some puppets, musical instruments, and tops. 

What I loved the best about this trip though was watching father-son bonding. I enjoyed watching from afar how Tomas explained things to Toshi. It was great to see how excited Tomas was to tell him about how to use something or even how to make something! I am so glad that coming to Placita Olvera brings about childhood memories for Toshi's dad and that they get to share some soon to be childhood memories here. 

We really have no clue what Cinco de Mayo is all about, but it was sure fun to browse through little stores who sell "Mexican" stuff! 

Since all these photos were taken via my phone, we had to sneak in some of Toshi and me! This was taken while sitting on the ground waiting for the bus, hoping that Tomas would come back soon. You see, we realized that we lost his water bottle that we just bought 2 days before. Two.days! So, he went looking around while Toshi and I took some selfies together! That is Toshi, hopped up on energy! And don't worry, he found the water bottle!

His Our vacation was a success!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

correct lyrics are overrated.

Have you ever read that one little column in those teenage magazines where people confess that they heard the wrong lyrics to a song? They are so hilarious. Well, here's Toshi's version...

My favorite part is when he says "one for the little one that lives on hay!" Ha! It was so hilarious and it was so hard to keep myself from laughing as I recorded this yesterday! I love this boy. I don't think he got any part right, but still. This is my favorite ever and I hope he never learns the right lyrics!

I'm sure this has happened to you all many times. Care to share? LOL!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good Morning!

This morning, the first thing that Toshi said was, "Mommy, can we go to the fair?" I was surprised and I thought it was the cutest thing! I love it when he wakes up all on his own, happy, content, satisfied. So different from when I have to wake him up from school. But, I like that too. It involves many tickles!

So, Toshi proceeded to tell me about his dream that we went to the fair. Apparently, he wanted to go on a roller coaster but we did not let him! Oh such lame dream parents!

I just love how his lashes look here!

I hope your morning and your weekend were fabulous! Any funny stories?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Toshi's Thoughts.

Okay, all you mamas out there (and papas too!), you all agree that kids say the funniest and most interesting things right? Right. Well, I've been dying to start some kind of record of the funny stuff that Toshi comes up with and I've decided, on the blog it goes!

Yesterday, after our little trip to Baskin Robbins, we passed by this sign. And then, Toshi asks... 

Toshi: Mommy,  a long time ago, babies didn't come from mommies' tummies?
Me: Where did they come from? 
Toshi: From birds!

Ha, hilarious!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

 photo _MG_9264.jpg

Hey friends! It's Easter Sunday but Toshi and I are just at home, relaxing! We were going to an Easter Egg Hunt, but we decided that we are going to avoid the long lines, the hot sun, and all the crankiness by skipping the egg hunt. We already did one yesterday anyway! And Tomas and I are going to do one for him at home later today.

And a bit of warning, there will be several unedited photos following this line. :)

 photo _MG_9079.jpg  photo _MG_9144.jpg
We dyed eggs for the first time! Can't believe we've never done this.

We started with Friday crafts! Toshi has been waiting to do these fun stuffs for like a week! He was excited!

 photo _MG_9099.jpg  photo _MG_9117.jpg
Extra paint from birdhouse painting turned into toe paintings!

 photo _MG_9222.jpg

We went Easter Egg Hunting in Pershing Square. We loved it last year and I was sure we were going to again this year. There were so many people. TOO MANY. And it was so hot! We loved the little acts, but that's about it!

 photo _MG_9207.jpg  photo _MG_9162.jpg 
He enjoyed these so much, I felt so sad telling him he couldn't play there again because his age group already had a turn!
 photo _MG_9166.jpg 
My camera wasn't ready! Oops! Love this photo though.
 photo _MG_9273.jpg  photo _MG_9287.jpg  photo _MG_9296.jpg
Look! This man went inside the giant balloon!
 photo _MG_9324.jpg  photo _MG_9331.jpg
We've seen Epoxie perform several times now. He's so funny!
Also, breaks my heart that Toshi raises his hand ever so eagerly but he never gets called on! :(

Easter at home was fun! We wished that Daddy was home, but that is why we are having an egg hunt later! Yay!

 photo _MG_9346.jpg  photo _MG_9355.jpg

Toshi could not believe that the Easter bunny came by and brought him all sorts of goodies. Goodies that he loved so much! He even loved the basket! :)

And some almost instragrammed photos...

I hope your Easter was grand!

 photo _MG_9411.jpg

Saturday, March 30, 2013


we like to play uno. toshi really gets into the game! this game, we played for awhile. i even had to refill the uno cards! well, guess who won!!? of course toshi did! he' such an expert at this game!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

An IG Meet Up

Yesterday, Toshi and I drove down approximately 35miles to meet with one of our IG (&Vine) friends! I was pretty nervous but excited to meet someone "new"! It was definitely a great experience and I am definitely looking forward for more of these!

Toshi was pretty darn shy at first, which I expected, but he eventually wound down and totally hit it off with them! Wish we had more time together, darn parking meters! But this is definitely not our last hangout!

Toshi and I both loved Little Melina, Ryan, and Ann! What a cool family!

20130327_161858.mp4 from Sharmaine Lopez on Vimeo.
Little Toshi enjoyed tickling Little Melina!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Honey Biscuits

This morning little Toshi woke up and proclaimed his hunger. I asked what he wanted to eat and he remembered that we went grocery shopping yesterday... So he requested some biscuits.
We made a little video, testing out the pause function on my phone's video recording. I wish I opened the window for more light in our tiny kitchen, but we had fun!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Deep thoughts tonight

"when are you gonna die?" is one of tonight's questions. Ray appears to be thinking about stuffs today.

For dinner, we had Hawaiian Bbq. As we sat there, Ray asked how many babies have been born in him. I asked him what he meant by that... and he said... "well, someone must have given me my mole!" Ray has a mole on one of his feet and he loves it. We noticed it when he was maybe 1 or 2 years old, it just appeared one day! I love that he asked this question because it just shows that he is making so much connections in his brain. This needs a background story, so that you can understand as well.

I have a mole on my stomach. It appeared there when I was pregnant with my Toshi. Four years later and the mole is still there! We tell him... "You see this mole? Mommy got this when you were in my tummy. When you were in there, you poked me and left me a mark." He loves this story. He asks to hear about it all the time. 

And so, can you see where he's getting this question of how many kids has been inside of him. Too. Funny.

Fast forward about an hour and a half. Now, we're at home. He's talking about I'm not sure what anymore, but I remember he said, "One day I'm gonna die and one day you're gonna die" to his Daddy. I don't remember the rest because apparently I was not really paying attention. Oops!

However, as I was walking out of the door (we had to go pick up someone), he asked when I was gonna die. I responded with an "I don't know." He said he's gonna die when he's old, when he's 100 days old. Yup, 100 days old. Conversation keeps going and he asks, "what's gonna happen if everyone dies?" Me: "At the same time?" Him: "No, one by one." Me: Well, people are born all the time so it's gonna be okay. Him: "Whenever a lady dies, a baby pops out of her!" That made me chuckle. Haha.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ray's photobook

So, I finally ordered his photobook. Technically, it's not finished. The smiles page is totally missing lots and lots of photos, but I completely forgot to save some pictures for it and I just don't have the time to cross-reference smiling photos to ones that are already in the book! Oh well! Still. Love. It. Can't wait to get it in the mail! I'm sure Ray will love it! And, thanks to Kelle Hampton for sharing this idea with her readers! I don't know why I didn't think of it!

Here it is if you'd like to see!

Go to Shutterfly and make your own! Those treasured photos deserve to be on your coffee table!

Also, I am so swamped with homework this week! Hope to be done soon so I could do some updating here!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

thursday beachday

Living in Los Angeles means beaches are near by! We finally found some time to get out and go play in the sand, thanks to a couple cancelled classes. Toshi was ever so excited and could not wait until we got there. It was freezing, so we didn't even get near the water, but we still had tons of fun!

These swings were a blast! We all took turns swinging and spinning around. Thanks Toshi, for reminding us to how to be kids again! Best part of being a parent: it's okay to play in the playground.

Hangin' onto Daddy.

We love, love, love seeing Toshi try new things. He's growing so fast! Look at him using his upper body strength! 

Until next time, beach.

Friday, February 22, 2013

In love.

I'm currently stuck on the computer. I have to write a journal for class about 12 step programs and I am totally procrastinating. I hope to finish soon because it's due by midnight. Tomas is fast asleep, so tired from work and Ray is up, refusing to sleep. He's here next to me, wishing he had a laptop too. Sorry, baby; not for awhile!

Anyways, the point of this post was that I'm just feeling so in love with Tomas. I've been replaying videos of US via youtube and seriously considering buying several of their songs. They are so adorable. Go watch them!

Ray and I currently love this song. We've listened to it about 13times tonight. Thanks Michael and Carissa! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Staring New

Hi online world! I tried blogging a couple months ago and eventually stopped because I couldn't keep up. However, I love the exercise of blogging and the chance of being able to make some friends from all over the globe, that I decided to give it another try. My posts will be shorter so that it can be more manageable for me to do, probably gonna be going a lot of it via my phone. Looking forward to forming a little community here! Here's us right now at the park! Love him.