Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good Morning!

This morning, the first thing that Toshi said was, "Mommy, can we go to the fair?" I was surprised and I thought it was the cutest thing! I love it when he wakes up all on his own, happy, content, satisfied. So different from when I have to wake him up from school. But, I like that too. It involves many tickles!

So, Toshi proceeded to tell me about his dream that we went to the fair. Apparently, he wanted to go on a roller coaster but we did not let him! Oh such lame dream parents!

I just love how his lashes look here!

I hope your morning and your weekend were fabulous! Any funny stories?


  1. We had one of Olivia´s friends sleeping here on Saturday. She is from Japan. They all had little torch lamps and at one point I started yelling cause they were playing with them. Then they all shouted back to me "Raito no suitchi o kiru!!" "What?!" I said. "Look in the dictionary, mum" they told me...I later learned that they were imitating me. Apparently that means "switch off the light" in japanese ;)

    1. I keep forgetting to reply to you here! Thanks for the story! LOVE IT! Those girls are so darn funny! I so wish we could hang with them! (and you of course!)


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