Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Deep thoughts tonight

"when are you gonna die?" is one of tonight's questions. Ray appears to be thinking about stuffs today.

For dinner, we had Hawaiian Bbq. As we sat there, Ray asked how many babies have been born in him. I asked him what he meant by that... and he said... "well, someone must have given me my mole!" Ray has a mole on one of his feet and he loves it. We noticed it when he was maybe 1 or 2 years old, it just appeared one day! I love that he asked this question because it just shows that he is making so much connections in his brain. This needs a background story, so that you can understand as well.

I have a mole on my stomach. It appeared there when I was pregnant with my Toshi. Four years later and the mole is still there! We tell him... "You see this mole? Mommy got this when you were in my tummy. When you were in there, you poked me and left me a mark." He loves this story. He asks to hear about it all the time. 

And so, can you see where he's getting this question of how many kids has been inside of him. Too. Funny.

Fast forward about an hour and a half. Now, we're at home. He's talking about I'm not sure what anymore, but I remember he said, "One day I'm gonna die and one day you're gonna die" to his Daddy. I don't remember the rest because apparently I was not really paying attention. Oops!

However, as I was walking out of the door (we had to go pick up someone), he asked when I was gonna die. I responded with an "I don't know." He said he's gonna die when he's old, when he's 100 days old. Yup, 100 days old. Conversation keeps going and he asks, "what's gonna happen if everyone dies?" Me: "At the same time?" Him: "No, one by one." Me: Well, people are born all the time so it's gonna be okay. Him: "Whenever a lady dies, a baby pops out of her!" That made me chuckle. Haha.


  1. ugh. King and I had a talk about death on the eve of his 4th birthday. completely caught me off-guard and we both ended up crying. glad your talk went better!

    1. Awe, thanks for sharing! Of all the days to talk about it, you guys ended up talking on a day celebrating life! I hope King's not too worried or concerned about it. Ray is very nonchalant about it, I don't think he fully understands the topic! Oh well, nothing he needs to worry his little head about!

    2. That's good, i think. (that he doesn't fully get it)
      King asked me with huge tears in his eyes "mama, are you gonna get dead?" and i was like "whaaaaaaaaaat?!" apparently a little girl's (from his class) grandma died and that's what spurred on the whole convo. So i did my best and told him that yes, it's a part of the circle of life, but that most people didnt die until they were very very old. And yes, when I get very old, that i would die too. He started bawling and asked if he was gonna "get dead" too. I was so caught off-guard so I just then said, Ok, we won't die! the tears dried up, and we carried on with the evening. NOT my best mama moment.

    3. Awe, that totally breaks my heart! :( He is such a sweet little boy! I can only imagine a topic as sensitive as this would touch him so! A couple days ago, I don't exactly remember what we were talking about but I remember telling him that if I die, then I will always be in his and his daddy's heart and if he dies he will always be in our hearts! But luckily, he has not experienced any deaths (other than a bunny we had for a day!) so he really doesn't know.

      And... you did what you can at the moment! It's really a fine line between telling them the truth and shielding them from reality! :( The tears are just because he so loves you! You're a stellar mama!


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