Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

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Hey friends! It's Easter Sunday but Toshi and I are just at home, relaxing! We were going to an Easter Egg Hunt, but we decided that we are going to avoid the long lines, the hot sun, and all the crankiness by skipping the egg hunt. We already did one yesterday anyway! And Tomas and I are going to do one for him at home later today.

And a bit of warning, there will be several unedited photos following this line. :)

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We dyed eggs for the first time! Can't believe we've never done this.

We started with Friday crafts! Toshi has been waiting to do these fun stuffs for like a week! He was excited!

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Extra paint from birdhouse painting turned into toe paintings!

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We went Easter Egg Hunting in Pershing Square. We loved it last year and I was sure we were going to again this year. There were so many people. TOO MANY. And it was so hot! We loved the little acts, but that's about it!

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He enjoyed these so much, I felt so sad telling him he couldn't play there again because his age group already had a turn!
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My camera wasn't ready! Oops! Love this photo though.
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Look! This man went inside the giant balloon!
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We've seen Epoxie perform several times now. He's so funny!
Also, breaks my heart that Toshi raises his hand ever so eagerly but he never gets called on! :(

Easter at home was fun! We wished that Daddy was home, but that is why we are having an egg hunt later! Yay!

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Toshi could not believe that the Easter bunny came by and brought him all sorts of goodies. Goodies that he loved so much! He even loved the basket! :)

And some almost instragrammed photos...

I hope your Easter was grand!

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  1. Lovely shots!! Happy Easter sweet Toshi!!

    1. Awe, thank you sweet friend! Did you and the girls celebrate Easter?

  2. how fun! Ray looks like he was having a ball. but also so serious. hehe. he is such a cutie! i love the face paint-was he a superhero?

    1. Yes! So much fun! Oh his face, a lot of thinking going on in there! Thanks for stopping by! <3 Means a lot! And, yes! he was a superhero! Did a quick mask at home! :) Little things make things extra fun, right?

    2. SO cool that you did the face paint! what a great idea!!


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